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Network-centric security approaches have become less effective in today’s dynamic work environment where many employees are distributed and utilize personal devices and networks outside of typical IT oversight. Traditional perimeter-focused controls are being challenged by this shift to remote work using diverse and often unmanaged endpoints. Without adequate protection of data access and device hygiene, there is a heightened risk of malware infection or other threats gaining initial access during remote sessions only to easily spread laterally once a foothold is achieved.

Why Zero Trust Security

As organizational perimeters become more diffuse, a zero-trust model focusing on individual identity verification has emerged as a preferred approach. This model emphasizes granular access controls and assumes all connections—regardless of location or device—represent some degree of risk until proven otherwise. By defining security around each user rather than network zones, sensitive data can be safeguarded no matter where it resides.

How Does It Works

A fundamental tenet of the Zero Trust model is the necessity of continuous and comprehensive monitoring of all user and device attributes to ensure appropriate access controls. Each access request is thoroughly authenticated, authorized, and encrypted prior to granting access. Adherence to least privilege principles is strictly observed in order to reduce the potential for lateral movement across the network. Sophisticated intelligence and analytical capabilities are utilized to detect and respond to anomalies in real time.

Verify explicitly

Use least privileged access

Assume breach

What can you do with our ZTNA solutions

Enables IT to implement a holistic Zero Trust ecurity strategy across users, applications, files and endpoints.

Unify and Secure access to all Apps and Data from anywhere

Adaptive Authentication and SSO

consistent security policies

Find and Stop Threats Faster

keep Compliance in Check

Prevent Network Level Attacks

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