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Citrix environments often have intricate designs involving many interconnected components. Improperly planned and installed systems of such complexity can render administration of performance quite difficult for operational teams. Proper design consideration and deployment are necessary to establish a Citrix infrastructure that facilitates smooth management and prevents degraded end-user experience.

Whether you are seeking to address specific issues or require a comprehensive health check of your Citrix Infrastructure, our consulting and support services adhere to high standards and can provide the assistance you need. Our team of Citrix Subject Matter Experts has over two decades of in-depth, hands-on experience in designing, implementing, integrating, and supporting small to large-scale, complex global Citrix Infrastructures.


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Why Citrix Health Check

Conducting a Citrix health check assessment is critical to properly identifying the underlying causes of suboptimal user experience and any configuration deficiencies that may be impacting the environment’s full functionality and productivity. A thorough evaluation of the Citrix infrastructure and configuration will result in a comprehensive report detailing the current state, performance bottlenecks, and recommendations for optimization. Addressing any issues uncovered through a health check can help ensure the Citrix environment is operating as designed and providing users with reliable, efficient access to the resources they need to work productively.

There are three primary factors that contribute to the decline in end user experience:


Inadequately designed and implemented Citrix Solution

A poorly executed Citrix Solution can hinder the overall performance and functionality of the environment, resulting in a negative user experience.


Changes and updates introduced over time

Over time, various changes and updates may have been implemented within the Citrix environment. These modifications can sometimes have unintended consequences, negatively affecting the performance and stability of the system.


Insufficient expertise and resources in managing the Citrix environment

A lack of skilled Citrix professionals to effectively manage and maintain the environment can lead to suboptimal performance and an overall decrease in user satisfaction.

How Does It Work

The Citrix Infrastructure health check is a remote engagement that typically lasts up to 10 days, depending on the size of your environment. It encompasses the following phases:

  • 1

    Kickoff Meeting: This initial meeting sets the stage for the health check process.

  • 2

    Interactive Session: A collaborative session where we gather information and insights about your Citrix infrastructure.

  • 3

    Environment Analysis: We thoroughly analyse your environment, taking into consideration Citrix’s best practices.

  • 4

    Documentation of Findings: We document our findings and observations during the health check process.

  • 5

    Key Findings Presentation with Recommendations: We present our key findings and recommendations based on our experience and Citrix’s best practices.

  • 6

    Complete Documentation: We provide comprehensive documentation that encompasses all the details and outcomes of the health check.

  • 7

    Remediation Work (Optional): Address health check findings to restore proper functionality of the environment.

Citrix Health Check Scan

The health check focuses on the following areas, aligning with Citrix’s best practices

User Layer

Evaluation of user experience and accessibility.

Access Layer

Assessment of access and authentication mechanisms.

Resource Layer

Analysis of resource allocation and optimisation.

Control Layer

Examination of control and management components.

Compute Layer

Review of computing resources and their efficiency.

Operations Layer

Assessment of operational processes and procedures.

Citrix Issues We Resolve

Through in-depth assessment and strategic remediation efforts, we reliably deliver optimised Citrix environments that restore or enhance performance, security and end-user experience for our clients.

Some of the most common challenges we address include, but are not limited to:

  • Slow Logon

  • Session Performance

  • Remote Access

  • Printing Failures

  • Profile Corruption

  • Application Compatibility

  • Connection Failures

  • Application Availability

  • EPA Scan

  • Citrix Policies

  • USB/Drives Redirection

  • HDX

  • Authentication

  • Brokering

  • Profile Bloating

  • Licensing

  • Network Connectivity

  • VDA Failures

  • Application Performance

  • Data Security

  • Security Patching

  • Overloaded

  • Audio/Video

  • Load Balancing

  • Slow Connection

  • Infrastructure Integration

  • Group Policies

Key benefits

Increased Productivity

Addressing Citrix slowness keeps your remote workforces productive rather than waiting for applications to load or responses.

Reduced Costs and Inefficiencies

Resolving performance bottlenecks can help optimize resource utilization and minimize unnecessary spending.

Minimized Downtime

Identifying and fixing stability risks helps prevent unplanned outages that disrupt business operations.

Best Practice Configuration

Our assessment validates that your Citrix deployment adheres to configuration best practices for functionality, security, availability and scalability.

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