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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses transitioned to remote work models as they sought to continue operations while protecting the health and safety of employees. Our client identified this as an opportunity to develop a platform capable of delivering a unified, secure desktop-as-a-service solution for remote workforce. The goal was to provide ubiquitous access to necessary systems and applications from any location through a centralized, virtual environment. This virtual workspace would need to be highly available with the elasticity to dynamically scale computing resources up or down based on real-time demand. Additionally, the client aimed to reduce overall IT costs by optimizing infrastructure expenditures based on actual usage rather than fixed hardware and facility costs. The new solution would empower the remote employees to remain productive while maintaining the highest standards of data security.

The Solution

A new Desktop as a Service platform was created by leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud and Citrix Digital Workspace capabilities. This enabled the delivery of a high-performance and secure Windows 11 virtual desktop environment. The platform was configured to provide users access to the full Microsoft Office 365 suite, including the latest versions of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Additionally, the platform included SharePoint to facilitate improved information sharing and collaboration amongst teams. It also supported Microsoft Teams, allowing seamless video conferencing, hosted VoIP and chat capabilities directly within the virtual desktop.

The solution was developed across two Azure data canters located in the UK South and West regions with Citrix Auto Scaling to provide business continuity and elasticity. Multi-factor authentication and HDX policies were configured to deliver robust security and an exceptional user experience.

The new environment was designed to accommodate over 3000 users workload regardless of location and built in flexibility to scale as and when needed.

Which included following technologies.

  • Citrix DaaS

  • Azure Cloud

  • Citrix ADC

  • Citrix Gateway

  • GSLB

  • Citrix Machine Creation Services

  • Citrix App Layering

  • Citrix Workspace Environment Management Services

  • FSLogix

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Multi Factor Authentication

  • Citrix Analytics for Security

  • Citrix Autoscale

  • Azure DraaS


  • Pay as you grow DaaS service

  • Secure and high performance user experience

  • Better collaboration

  • Elasticity

  • Business continuity

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