The world’s most successful automotive company in Germany which prides itself producing luxury vehicles that provide exceptional quality and performance for its global customer base.


Our client, maintained over 200 virtual desktop infrastructure sites and farms spread across various geographical regions in Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific. The sprawling and disparate virtualization environment resulted in inconsistent experiences for end-users. When accessing their virtual desktops and applications from different global offices and branches, performance and functionality varied widely depending on location. This caused disruptions and inefficiencies for a workforce that was increasingly mobile and distributed.

The Solution

The company’s leadership recognized the need to modernize and streamline their virtual desktop environment in order to better support current business demands and enable future growth opportunities. As such, our team was engaged to help consolidate their Citrix infrastructure onto a single, centralized platform. Our experts conducted an in-depth assessment and developed a strategic roadmap. Through meticulous planning and execution, we migrated all existing sites onto a unified architecture leveraging next-generation Citrix technologies. This transformation delivered an optimized and scalable digital workspace solution providing users a seamless, reliable experience no matter where in the world, and with standardized policies and configurations, performance became consistent for mobile workers regardless of location.

The new environment was designed to accommodate over 95000 users workload regardless of location and built in flexibility to scale as and when needed.

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop

  • Citrix Cloud

  • Azure Cloud

  • AVD

  • Citrix ADC

  • Citrix Gateway

  • GSLB

  • Citrix ADM

  • Citrix Provisioning Services

  • Citrix Workspace Environment Management

  • Citrix App Layering

  • Microsoft APP-V

  • VMware vSphere

  • FS Logix

  • Citrix Analytics for Security

  • Multi Factor Authentication

  • Citrix Autoscale


  • Consistent and responsive user experience regardless of location

  • Centralize Citrix Infrastructure architecture for better delivery and operational tasks

  • A virtualization platform ready to adapt and scale with their global business for years to come

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